das Zweiwerk
New designed website of communications designer Lena Suprun in Leipzig
B-Y Projektmanagement Kossowsky advises and supports local authorities and private customers in all matters concerning the building – from the idea to handing over and further management
Die Solfatara Laboratories provides microbiologically based services and process developments in the field of mining and resource recovery and waste treatment
Ambulantes Reha-Centrum GmbH
Practice of physiotherapy & occupational therapy, prevention and health training in Halle
Abwasser Flechtingen
The site of the wastewater association «Aller-Ohre» in a new design
FILTRONtec is one of the leading companies in the field of air filtration technology for road tunnels
The GMBU is a nonprofit research organization with three separate sections in Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia and Saxony
Yoga Om
Yoga Om: Yoga classes for beginners and advanced in the southern suburbs of Leipzig
Michaela Weber
Website of photographer and graphic designer Michaela Weber
The aim of the network «Biokapsel» is the development of new encapsulation and coating technologies, allow cost effective and friendly small amounts of natural function carriers can be produced and processed
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